I find myself increasingly grateful for the really tiny things in life.

  • A clear blue sky.
  • Someone holding a door for me.
  • Friends who pretend to be electrocuted to make their kids laugh.
  • My friends.
  • My Dad doing a little jig because he loves hearing “La Bamba”.
  • When Katy Perry does not come on the radio while I’m driving.
  • Good service.
  • No traffic in Kamloops. Hollah!
  • A cute toddler dying of laughter when I turn the lights off and pretend I can’t see her.
  • A fall, crisp morning.
  • Sleep.
  • Listening to 60’s rock and roll music with my Dad every morning.

Not that I wasn’t always grateful before, but it seems more clear now, easier to appreciate; spotting the tiny, good things comes with less effort.

Take some time to be grateful today and focus on the things in your life that are going well.  Some days they will be teeny-tiny, but they will be there.  Because you never know when your life will change completely.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂


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