Life Lesson: Palliative Perks

Someone should write a book about all these awesome things, because its definitely not worth keeping to yourself.

1. Getting up early.  This is especially fabulous because I’m definitely at my best in the mornings. I enjoy frazzled hair, bad breath and morning mood swings before coffee. It’s super! You guys should absolutely pop over unexpectedly at 8:00am, you’ll be warmly greeted FOR SURE. 

2. No time alone. Our little house is full of family, and our amazing friends want to come over to support. I love company, but we have to schedule it now because my Dad gets tired quickly.  Also, last night I stayed up until 1:30am drinking a glass of wine and watching hours of TV alone in the dark. When I got up to go to bed I felt kind of like the myself of just over 3 months ago. I really like myself from then, I hope we meet again soon.

3. Family comes to stay. It’s especially super when they are foreign and don’t speak any English. It makes things much more straight-forward, is not at all exhausting, and adds a layer of efficiency by allowing you to communicate in a choice of 2 languages! It’s also reasonable to assume that cultural adjustments will be made within hours of arriving in the new country, so might as well just layer it over grieving. It’s science.

4. Sleeping. Not sleeping is pretty awesome because I feel like I’m kind of losing weight by being up for a few more hours. Plus, I have always loved zombies and have an agreement with friends on what the plan of action would be in the event if a zombie apocalypse. So it’s like I’m in training, I just need to find my sword.

5. Being clumsy. Tripping over a new, different apparatus every day is like an agility dance. Don’t worry, these pieces came with instructions just in case you had trouble with “lean on cane and walk” and the level 2, “sit on small bench while bathing“.

6. Emotions. People love hanging out with someone who is sad.  Have I lost complete control of my emotions? Probably. I feel like a menopausal old angry lady who doesn’t know if she’s hot or cold or crazy.  I’m pretty much going to ace menopause (I always was an overachiever).

In summary: Grieving is training to become a clumsy, menopausal, smothered zombie.



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