Bon Voyage – Part 1

Just over a month ago, I was working at my 15th floor desk, wearing my sunglasses indoors, and happily basking in the Vancouver sunshine. 


How things change.

My return trip was crazy.  Things happened really quickly after I found out about my Dad.  I told everyone in my program, and after 29 individual, much-needed hugs, many of them helped me move into action.  The amazing CB offered to take all my stuff and store it in her basement.  Others volunteered to help me re-pack everything I had just unpacked, and still others came to help me take everything out of the house.  I was also lucky to have friends in BC research train transport for my car, to have received a generous gift card from my coworkers to fly home with, and to have a program who understands that shit happens and people need time off.

If every single piece and person of help hadn’t aligned itself – if I didn’t have such a wonderful support group – I wouldn’t have been able to get home as quickly as I did.

On Sunday I bought my plane ticket, on Monday at 9:30pm I flew out.


7:00am: finish packing my clothes and leave everything ready in my apartment.

11:30am: My friend Sam helps me lug 120lb Ikea boxes to my car, after I had painstakingly hauled them up only a few days prior.

12:30pm: drive, unload, and return the Ikea boxes in Burlington and then peel over to the inconspicuous Greyhound station (definitely not marked Greyhound) and say sayonara to a box of textbooks and a suitcase full of God knows what.

3:00pm:  hustle back to the apartment to clean, give my cat a sedative, and get driving to Vaughan where I would drop my car off at the vehicle transport station.  I decide to call first, to double-check the address.

3:10pm: SURPRISE! They close at 4:30pm.  WTF.

Vaughan is an hour away from Hamilton if everything goes well. 

3:10pm – 3:30pm: I think I pretty much threw my suitcases down the stairs, swept and mopped the apartment (leaving it in the condition I received it), and had to call Sam (again) to pick up a few things that I couldn’t take with me. Amazingly, she came to get the stuff. She’s a wonderful person.

3:30pm: I say a sweaty goodbye to my place.

3:32pm: I call the vehicle transport place and ask if they would wait for me.  She said I had until 4:45pm on the nose.

3:40pm: I take the Express Toll Route (still don’t know how much that is going to cost me).

3:41pm: I drive safely at undisclosed speed limits.

4:44pm: I arrive at the vehicle transport lot, fly in like a mad person, and literally beg this poor woman to take my car. She radios Lot Guy to come get it and I almost cried. What I would’ve done if they hadn’t taken my car, I don’t know.

4:46pm: I shower Lot Guy with kindness.  He is so gracious, even though I know he wants to go home.  He even lets me leave toilet paper in my trunk. Whutta guy!

5:25pm: I’m surrounded by my suitcases, 3 jackets, plastic bags, purple box of food, and random accessories that I was forced to take out of the car before shipping it (i.e. you aren’t allowed to leave change in the car??). Oh, and my sedated cat.

She was literally rolling around in the cage.  So I got creative, took the string off my yoga mat and attached it to her harness. Then I waited for H. to pick me up.

6:00pm: I am a homeless person, sitting in the crisp sunshine, in an empty industrial parking lot, surrounded by all my earthly belongings and my sedated cat on a leash.

Image Image Image

… just over a month ago, I was working at my 15th floor desk, wearing my sunglasses indoors, and happily basking in the Vancouver sunshine …


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