Life gives you lemons

I hate lemons.  Well, that’s not true.  I like pink lemonade. But its pink, and, therefore its different, and tastes way better than lemonade.

Some lemons: after 2 weeks in Ontario, I’ve moved back to BC.   The short story is that my Dad, my “person”, has terminal cancer and I just couldn’t imagine being anywhere else; and what a life journey THIS has been.

I thought packing all my earthly belongings and driving five days across the second biggest country in the world – with a cat – to live in a totally new (and flat) province was crazy and stressful.


Try doing that twice in two weeks.  But well … my Dad has never left my side when I have needed him, and I could not possibly leave him to do this alone.  The decision was made in my heart before my head could catch up.

So, I hope you choose to read on during this one year deferral of my midwifery education, even though the subject-matter is taking a small (humungous) deviation toward cancer and the unknown.

Stay tuned for an update about my trip back … planes, trains, buses, automobiles … and a cat.

(And I promise to still keep my sense of humour, where I can.  Because I want to make this a good time, for my Dad, in a time where there won’t be much good. I don’t want to read back and see nothing but sadness.  I want him to laugh with me and make new memories.  I want him to know that he is so adored and so supported.  And I want him to know that dying will never take that from me, or us, or anyone that he has touched with his wonderfulness. 

… Stay with me, Strength …)

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