The Program. The People.

Just a quick note of awe for the people who choose the path of midwifery.

You are all amazing, inspiring and strong women.

The profession is still growing, of course, and stereotypes are still coming down.  I’ll even admit that when I met my cohort,  it was not what I perceived to be a midwife.  Some are young and still discovering their post-high school selves.  Others have established families of three, four, or six (!!!) children.  And many are like me, falling somewhere in between.

Yet, they are all compassionate, intelligent, academic, generous, and kind human beings.

You can tell that the midwifery students at Mac are renowned for being the best.  (Maybe even above the med students … hehe, kidding).  The faculty holds us to a higher standard, academically and professionally, maybe because we start working with clients after just over one year, or maybe because the people in the program make it so easy to expect the best.  The school really wants its midwives to be the excellent clinicians and to be well integrated with other health care providers.

Being away from BC and going through some things personally, I feel like I have made over 30 instant friends and I have felt so supported by every single person in Ontario. I look forward to, and am honoured to, one day be entering a profession with such talented and special people.

Thanks to Sam for this photo ... I hope you don't mind but I love it!!

Thanks to Sam for this photo … I hope you don’t mind but I love it!!


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