Hamilton has an art crawl every month to give local artists a chance to showcase their wares. This evolved into a larger, annual festival called the James Street Supercrawl.  I was pretty tired from packing, but Natacha convinced me to check it out last weekend. It was unexpectedly huge. I don’t know why, but I envisioned Hamilton as a sad little steel town; it’s far from it!

Things that are pretty awesome at the Supercrawl:

1. Booths with unique pieces for purchase


2. Delicious food, including the not pictured meatball poutine (what!) and beaver tails with various toppings.  I opted for chocolate!



3.  Cops on horseback (scary, and not pictured for obvious reasons).

4. Art.  Walls of establishments being decorated with chalk, graffiti, paint, and beyond.  It was really cool to see businesses embrace the art scene in the area.



5. Live music! My favourite! So many good bands, including Passion Pit and a few new ones, like Diamond Rings.  This was a pleasant surprise, because I’ve been craving some live tunes.

image (43)

All in all, even though my back hurt and my legs tingled when I finally sat down, it was definitely worth checking out!


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