Storm’s a Brewin’

How do you top a post about cat sedation?

With a lightning storm.

I have probably seen 3 good lighting storms in my life.  I have never, in my whole life, experienced a storm like the one last week.  The thunder crashed so loudly it made me jump every time, and the lightning was incessant.  When we left our evening class, the offer of a ride home lured me to a friends place and to her car (it doesn’t take much to lure me places), and that’s when it started.

Just as four of us left the university, the downpour began.  The one umbrella we had kept flipping upside-down, so we abandoned the idea and made a run for it. By the time we got to the pedestrian crossing, we were all drenched.  Luckily it was very warm out (30 degrees that day), so splashing in flip-flops through the instant puddles didn’t phase us.

(It was kind of romantic, in a way. If there had been any single men around it might’ve been a scene from The Notebook.  But I was surrounded by single, female, midwifery students … so, romance fail).

To me, it seemed like another crazy thing happening in my life, on top of all the other things I am dealing with.  When we abandoned the umbrella, I just accepted it for what it was.  Insane.

When we finally got to shelter, I pulled out my iPhone.  The photos by no means represents the intensity of the storm, but they give you an idea. Did anyone else know storms were so crazy in Ontario?




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