First impressions.

McMaster is actually a really nice campus in the summer/fall.  The way the sunset hit the hospital today was gorgeous.


There is a big field in the centre and there is a cool mix of historical and new buildings that give the place some character.

image (31)








I’m mostly in the health sciences/hospital area, which makes it more convenient for someone who gets lost without mountains. I’ve been so lost so many times, its getting a bit out of hand.  My approach is to follow someone else in my class like a confused puppy.


The other thing is that its VERY academic.  They use iClickers for the larger lectures (ya, look those up), the profs have microphones, and everyone is prepared with readings and questions about the readings.  By day 2, people had already made flashcards.  They also don’t really teach you content, and more so expect you to find the details on your own.  The lectures, therefore, are more based on the theory and how to apply it.

For example, a patient presents with XX bleed in an MRI.  What quadrant of the body is the bleed in? You’re expected to know all the nomenclature for body segmentation, even though they didn’t lecture on it in much detail.  Instead, the lecture just said “Hey, we divide the body into segments.  Read about it.”  Two days later, you get the application question. CRAZY.

The approach will ultimately be better in the long run for when I am in a clinical setting, but it sure is intimidating.  But that’s also exactly why I came to McMaster, to learn from the best.


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