One of the weirdest things about my cross-Canada journey was the fact that we threw my indoor cat into the backseat and took her along for the 5 day trip.  I swear I’m not a crazy cat lady.

My point is, if you moved across the country and knew no one, you would take your cat too.


We made her a comfortable seat of honour in the back where she kept to herself and napped frequently.  We set-up her food and water.  There was only one occasion where a PULL-OVER-IMMEDIATELY was required because of her smelly butt (hey, at least she used the litter box in the car!).


At all the hotels she first ran around furiously trying to find a place to hide, but eventually just curled up on Alexi’s bed (so infuriating, her personal “f*$k you” to me) and went to sleep.  In the mornings, she would try to hide herself in secret places, which were never that secret, and it was always easy for me to put her back in the box.

Gem traveling

I think in the end she probably thought it was just another trip to Kamloops, and now she’s already made herself at home.  I got lucky with this one, my little buddy.



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