Bullet list.

I have been without internet, so please excuse me for not updating.

My first week:

  • I’m 17 again, and have just moved out.
  • I ate pizza on the floor.  Twice.
  • I got groceries from a place called “Fortinos”.
  • My shower is angled because I’m in the attic, so I have to kink my neck to wash my hair.
  • My first few days were spent sleeping on a leaky air mattress. I woke in a position where my torso was flat on hardwood but my legs and head were oh-so-slightly elevated.  It’s pretty awesome to wake up like that.
  • Ontario shuts down on STATs, so I couldn’t get a new air mattress.
  • I finally got a new air mattress, and a weird $10 cup chair from Wal-Mart.
  • I have no internet, so I watch DVDs (do you remember those?) like The Notebook and The Sound of Music because I haven’t bought DVDs since first year of college.  I do this in my cup chair.
  • I wish I had Netflix.  And a couch.
  • When I finally got to Ikea, I ended up being the last person in the store on a Thursday night.
  • On my way home from Ikea, I drove in exactly 4 circles.  Instead of a 15 minute jaunt from Ikea it was an hour.
  • At 10:45pm, I lugged 100 lb bed frame (and all my other purchases) in the dark, and up 3 flights of sketchy stairs to my apartment.
  • Ya, that was stupid.
  • Ontario has no mountains, so I get lost.  A lot.  But the skies sure are pretty sometimes.
I'm so poor.

I’m so poor.

The infamous cup chair.

The infamous cup chair.


Ontario skies

Ontario Skies

Oh, I also started midwifery school.

Is this my life????


2 responses

  1. I want to laugh because they way you wrote that is pretty hilarious but I don’t want to seem like I am laughing at you. I am so proud of you for taking this leap! So inspiring! I hope you get a table soon… although pizza on the floor is pretty fun! And the cup chair is pretty awesome, I kind of want one.

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