Yep, we’re still in Ontario

On our way to Soo, we stopped in White River to visit Winnie the Pooh.  Apparently, the infamous soldier found the bear here before he took it to Winnipeg and donated it to the zoo.  Definitely stumped a few people on my “Spot the Tour” trivia.
White River, ON

White River, ON

When we got to Sault Ste Marie, it was 1:00am and we encountered our first difficulty in finding a hotel.  There were no hotels, and I wondered why so many people were staying in this random place that most people can’t pronounce?  Sault Ste Marie also straddles the border, so I had intense paranoia that we might accidentally cross the US border with an illegal cat (not really, just undocumented).
Sault Ste Marie
Luckily, after 4 failed attempts, Alexi charmed a chatty receptionist and we got a cancellation at 1:30am.  This was also the scene of our final cat smuggling  – picture this: we identify that the back door opens from the outside.  I put Gemini in a roomy, empty bag, and Alexi follows close behind me with the litter box.  We moved like a SWAT team, staying in the shadows and out of site of the cameras, and got Gemini in unnoticed.
It was then an early 8am rise for the home stretch to Hamilton. I woke with puffy eyes and sprawled in my assortment of soft, firm, and medium pillows. Is this trip not over? Omg this bed is so comfortable. 
Unfortunately, once again we couldn’t find Starbucks, so we just carried on. We made a stop at the worlds largest loonie in Echo Bay.  Sorry LL, didn’t have time to see the nickel this time.
Echo Bay, ON
When we passed Sudbury, I thought about pulling in to see the nickel and to get gas.  However, we decided to carry on, neglecting to check the gas levels.  Cue us almost running out of gas. Luckily Alexi spotted a tiny, homemade sandwich board that advertised a friendly First Nations gas pump  … literally just a pump attached to a large tub of gasoline.  I didn’t really care, because at this point we had traveled 4059km and weren’t about to run out of gas now!

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