In the middle of nowhere

Sorry I haven’t had internet to update!

As it turns out, Eastern Manitoba (Falcon Lake specifically) is a nice area.  There are a lot of lakes and the trees come back to Canada.  Other than the flatness, it starts to remind you of BC. So Manitoba redeemed itself a bit.

Welcome to Ontario!

Welcome to Ontario!

When we passed the Ontario border, we really felt like we had hit a milestone. Little did we know we still had 30 hours of driving ahead …

We swerved through the thousand lakes area and reached Kenora, where we stopped at what is probably the last known walk-up DQ for S’mores blizzards.

Kenora, Ontario, Dairy Queen

Kenora, Ontario, Dairy Queen


May at the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington. My friend Jenelle casually mentions that her parents live in Dryden, near Manitoba, and that they always take people in on their way through Canada. I definitely thought she was drunk and would forget this offer.

She didn’t. Dryden is an hour from Kenora, and as we weaved through the dark highways I became really grateful that friendly faces where ahead to stay with.  Rob and Deb welcomed us so warmly, set us up with beds, and served us eggs and coffee the next day.  In the morning we realized they live on a beautiful lake, and the peaceful sunrise really reminded us of home.  It was such an energizing visit.

Visiting The Rutherfords in Dryden, Ontario

This was also the first day we really felt tired of driving.  We started to switch more frequently to be safe.  Conversation dwindled, but podcast frequency increased.  After Dryden, Northern Ontario is tundra, with trees that look like wilted, wet feathers because all the branches have died at the bottom.  My least favourite part of the drive so far.

Four hours later we were in Thunder Bay, and got our first glimpse of Lake Superior. Other than this “glimpse”, Thunder Bay isn’t that great.  Though Taco Time does have free wifi and their Hydro building actually lets customers come right in!

image (12) Thunder BayThunder Bay, Ontario

At this point, it was 8 more hours to go before Sault Ste Marie (SOO Saint Marie).  Was still looking for my moose, much to Alexi’s dismay (she’s all about moose safety).


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