Friendly Manitoba?

Have you ever heard anything about Manitoba, other than its cold, the mosquitoes are big and the Red River floods all the time?

Neither have I.

We stopped at the Saskatchewan border to buy postcards and chatted with the very friendly ladies who reminded us to change our clocks.  Then, we unassumingly continued to the Manitoba tourist info centre where we parked amongst semi-trailers, because it aggressively said “NO TRAILERS BEYOND THIS POINT.”

photo (4)

We won’t do that again. That was ridiculous.

The Manitoba tourist info centre did not have postcards, and actually did not have anything other than 2 “pop your head in the hole” photo stand-ins that looked abused and grossly old. The rude lady didn’t have any maps either, so I’m not sure what Manitobans are paying for here.  Don’t worry, they are closing in a week because  apparently the whole province of Manitoba also closes to tourists after Labour Day anyway.

Brandon, Manitoba

We then searched for the Brandon city sign so we could take a photo for our friend, Brandon.  We drove right by the sign, because it looked like an advertisement for a new subdivision. So we walked back for 10 minutes, fended (screamed) off snakes and frogs, and got the shot.  You’re welcome, Brandon.

Fast-forward to Subway in Brandon, where a 6 foot tall, heavy-set, blonde, angry-looking teen ignored us and slooooowly refilled the green peppers.  He couldn’t help us; his job was veggies.  He and his coworker fought about whose job it was to help us for 5 minutes, and I almost leapt over the counter to make my own sandwich.

In the end, Alexi and I both said, “Eff you Brandon”, and got the hell outta there.

Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg

By the way, if you can stand the crappy roads in Winnipeg, the legislature building is gorgeous and the city is decent.  Also, did you know the middle of Canada just east of Winnipeg? I did, but there’s also a very tiny, brown sign next to a brown wheat field that confirms it … in case you want to take your life into your hands and quickly obstruct traffic to get a photo.

Almost in Ontario …

Almost in Ontario!


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