Land of the living skies

Alexi here, guest blogging for the first time!

I was really looking forward to making my own opinions about Saskatchewan and the perils of the flat topography (long, boring drives). We drove into Saskatchewan with blue skies and a handful of clouds. I was stoked. Nice straight stretches of two lane, divided highway with ripe wheat ready for baling (cue photo shoot in a farmers field).

image (6)

Courteous signage warning of upcoming corners kept us informed and aware of a slight bend in the road.

The Saskatchewanians we met were friendly and were either wearing Roughriders apparel or trying to get us to convert (too bad they’d have to get me to like football to start with). Although, now I understand why the Amazing Race Canada dedicated a challenge at Mosaic Stadium.

As we drove through Swift Current we were entertained by the snow geese that hovered over the highway worse than crows at a rural dump.

photo (3)

Mac the moose posed for photos  as the sun was setting, and the massive bugs plastered the window making it difficult to navigate the streets of Regina in the dark.

image (5)

Stay tuned for part 2 of “British Columbians on the Prairies” …


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