Back in 2009, Vancouver was about to host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and my workplace was an in-kind sponsor.  So our Community Outreach team launched the Power The Games Tour and we drove a 29′ Conservation Lab across the province encouraging people to save energy.

Note: the Lab was lime green, towed by a hybrid, and driven by me and a few other junior members of the team.  The adventures in that thing probably warrant a blog of their own, but part of my work farewell gift was a miniature version of this lab.

The mini-Lab is now continuing the Power the Games Tour, with what I’m calling “Spot the Tour: Trans-Canada Edition”.

A couple “tour” excerpts below from Alberta.  Really, we feel that the Rockies are partially BC anyway, so other than the photos below, Alexi and I have no other notes for Alberta.  Is it just us or is Alberta only oil wells, wheat fields, long Tim Hortons drive-thru lines, and dry skin?

Spot the Tour - Alberta image (2)


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