Bye BC, for now

Friday and Monday: I say goodbye to all my amazing coworkers. I cry with every hug.  Damn those folks are awesome.

Monday afternoon realization: I’m going to try to drive across Canada with a Hyundai Elantra and a 4’x8′ trailer, with my friend Alexi and my 9 year-old black cat, Gemini.  This is going to be interesting.

Cross-Canada Transport

Tuesday at 3:00pm: I’m driving up the Coquihalla, just past the Great Bear Snowshed, thinking holy shit, please let don’t overheat.

Tuesday at 3:10pm: WE MADE IT! The slowest we got was 60km/h.  Gearing down into second was a bit scary, because we only had first left … but, we didn’t die and made it to Kamloops.

Wednesday: Leave Kamloops, quick stop-over in Revelstoke to see my bestie Jess and my “nephew” Griffin.  Jess went all out with fresh baked cinnamon amazingness and fresh fruit.

Jess' Revelstoke Brunch

Wednesday at 11:00pm: we made it to Calgary and crash into hotel beds.  Gemini is mad, but at least Alexi isn’t.  The car is running well and we made it through mountain passes. My heart is sad to be out of BC, but I give-in to the exhaustion.


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